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    Leadership Coaching for a Modern Workforce

    Today's leaders not only strive to grow their existing business but are often expected to innovate and reinvent their products and processes for changing markets.


    Unfortunately, most leaders overlook the challenges that change forces on their staff. How are you adapting your leadership skills to accelerate your team's change cycle? What are you doing to engage with an increasingly hybrid or remote workforce?


    Leadership and Executive Coaching help leaders move the organization forward, take the next step, or provide guidance as an outside, judgment-free partner.

  • How It Works

    The coaching process is easy to understand. It starts by scheduling a time to talk with us (for free) via Zoom for 30 minutes to explore your needs. Then we will set up regular sessions filled with amazing conversations, ideas, and plans. These are usually twice a month but could be more or less often if you wish.



    Connect with us to explore if coaching is right for you. If not, we'll help you understand your options.



    After selecting from one of many options and packages, we will send you a link so you simply enter your address and pay with credit, debit, or PayPal.



    We hold regular phone or video calls to advance towards your goals and review assessment results.



    We regularly review your progress and adjust our plans as needed.

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    Please us the calender below to set up a free, initial zoom call to explore 

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    Three Month Journey

    Three Month Journey

    For those new to coaching, the most popular way to start is a coaching package covering six, one-hour sessions. We will meet twice a month for three months via zoom.

    Please use the button below to pay with a credit card and we will follow up quickly via email to schedule your first session.
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    Trial of 2 Personal Coaching Sessions

    Trial of 2 Personal Coaching Sessions

    Two initial, private coaching sessions of 60 minutes each. Once you sign up, we will follow up with an email on how to get started.
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  • Coaching FAQ

    Confidential, judgment-free, coaching towards:

    • accelerated organizational performance and effectiveness
    • transformative leadership skills
    • career advancement
    • personal goals

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    What is Coaching?

    We Listen and ask questions

    Coaching unlocks the best version of you. A professional coach helps their clients find clarity from within, overcome challenges with their own solutions, and ultimately accomplish their goals on their own terms.

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    Getting Started

    Schedule a free video consultation

    Not sure if coaching is for you? Let's explore how you might benefit from coaching, by simply scheduling a 30-minute video chat to discuss how we might work together. No cost. No obligation. No Pressure.

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    International Coaching Federation Member

    Upholding ICF Ethical Standards

    We believe in the ICF Code of Ethics which provides guidelines, accountability, and enforceable standards of conduct for all ICF Members and ICF Credential-holders.

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    Package vs Subscription

    Understanding the Difference

    Because our customers have asked for multiple options, we offer two ways to connect with us.

    1) Packages are groups of sessions within a given timeframe. The most popular is 6 sessions in 3 months and are paid before the first session. Customers can use two sessions per calendar month. Between sessions, clients can connect with coaches only to schedule future sessions.

    2) Subscriptions are automatically reoccurring bundles that include more sessions. They also include unlimited text and email contact between sessions, though most people connect about once a week outside sessions. Our most popular subscription offers up to three coaching sessions per calendar month as well as text and email contact between sessions.

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    What if I have to Cancel?

    We understand things happen

    Clients are free to cancel or change their session times as they need up to 24 hours before a scheduled session without a fee. Changes within 24 hours are subject to a $50 fee.


    That said, we know things happen. So, we typically wave the fee if you just let us know and if it isn't a chronic problem.

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    What if YOU have to Cancel?

    We hate changing your scheduled time... but it happens

    If we have to reschedule your session with less than 24 hours' notice, you will get our sincere apology and the next session is on us.

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    What if I'm not satisfied?

    Know that we want you to be happy

    It happens. Sometimes people try coaching and it isn't what they expect. Other times they don't click with their coach like they hoped. It's ok. Just let us know. We would rather you work with someone you really enjoy than to find out later we weren't a good match. Heck, we'll do our best to help you find a coach you love.


    Subscriptions: First, we will stop the automated billing. Next, we'll refund you the prorated, unused portion of your current billing cycle. 


    Packages: We'll happily refund you the value of your remaining sessions.


    All we ask is you give coaching a real chance before leaving. Most people feel a connection to their coach's questions right away and start seeing real results after the third or fourth meeting. 

  • From the Founders....

    Welcome and congratulations on exploring a path leading you from where you are today to creating and living the life of your choosing. We believe that everybody is unique and shares a desire to move past that which limits us. Overcoming the challenges that derail us helps us rebound to become stronger and more resilient.


    Working together to meet your goals, we will explore what might be holding you captive whether it be in your personal or professional life. We will find the best fit for you in terms of the coaching style and process. We will start where you are, explore the possibilities and put a plan together that allows you to meet and exceed your goals while positively contributing to the lives around you. Together, we will examine your needs and bring clarity to your goals and dreams for your life. Along the way, we will help you face limiting beliefs, assumptions, or interpretations that hold you back. We will collaborate on a plan of action and accountability to help you reach past your limitations and achieve your goals.


    With greater clarity and vision, you will execute upon your life plan to achieve your identified goals and dreams allowing you to experience greater joy and fulfillment.


    - Katie & Mike