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We are thrilled to announce that Co-Founder, H. Michael Miley, is now a Registered SE Coach for the North American Association of Sales Engineers (NAASE).

NAASE is a trade association that supports sales engineers, technical sales representatives, solution consultants, and other technical pre-sales professionals from diverse industries and sectors through certification, networking, and professional advancement.

With more than twenty years of experience as an SE, SE manager, and director of SEs, Mike is thrilled to bring his coaching skills to the community at the heart of his professional identity.

"I loved being an SE and was lucky enough to have some great leaders and mentors. I look forward to supporting NAASE as we expand the SE community's influence and foster the next generation of SEs." -Mike

If you are currently in a technical pre-sales role or pondering a future in the profession, consider connecting with Mike. Together, you will explore how to level up your skills, build confidence, increase audience engagement, move towards leadership, develop your teams, or any other professional goal. His non-judgemental coaching style and industry experience combine to give you an advantage that typically takes years to develop.


For more information about NAASE, visit their website at:

To connect with Mike, please use the scheduling tool on our website: 

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