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    Our mission is to be your long-term partner and help

    unlock your potential.


    Our consultants bring an outsiders view to enhance your organizational strategies, expand your innovation processes, and expose hidden opportunities.


    Our coaches work with your executives, leadership teams, new leaders, and high potential employees to grow personally while exceeding your organizational goals.


    Our non-judgmental, industry certified coaches bring decades of business experience to help you get past any hurdles in your path and help you create your best self through personal coaching sessions.

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    Consulting and Advising

    Our consulting and advising clients look to us to explore their organizations and make recommendations to improve their environment. The most common engagements revolve around our experience in pre-sales, technical sales, aerospace, and higher education. We focus on sales and technical sales skills, team structures and dynamics, organizational strategy, and curriculum design.

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    Private Coaching

    Clients look to solve a wide range of needs. Many seek more balance, fun, and enjoyment. Others want help feeling less stress at work. Clients look for ways to improve personal or business relationships. All want to make positive changes and achieve their goals.


    Each session is confidential and non-judgmental. We have no agenda beyond wanting to help you succeed with your goals. We leverage science-based assessment tools to help you explore and understand how to make changes to attain your goals. Finally, we help you stay accountable as you journey down this path.

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